Traffic jam has become a problem of every big city, but this study has made a shocking disclosure

ट्रैफिक जाम बन चुका है हर बड़े शहर की मुसीबत, लेकिन इस स्टडी ने कर दिया चौंकाने वाला खुलासा

Traffic jams have been revealed in a study, in which it has been told that traffic life is not caused by anyone’s fault, but everything depends on our driving style.

Shocking revelations have been made in a study regarding traffic jams.

Whether we want to go to office, drop our children to school or go somewhere else, our biggest concern these days is traffic jams. Traffic jam is the biggest problem for all the people living in metro cities today. But have you ever wondered how traffic jams happen? Due to an accident or due to wrong driving. If you have not been able to get the answer till today, then today we have brought such a study for you in which traffic jam has been told.

So where does this traffic jam come from and what can you do about it? IEEE i.e. Intelligent Transportation Systems has explained this traffic jam in a mathematical way. It has been told in this study that, traffic jams happen because people do not walk by maintaining the right distance between vehicles. That is, the gap between each vehicle is not as much as it should, due to which there is a traffic jam.

It is necessary to keep distance from every car

However, in this you get confused that, when you are driving, it is a bit difficult to estimate the distance at which your front vehicle is moving and the distance behind it. At the same time, speed also makes a difference in this. But it has been told in the study that, if you drive your vehicle at a distance from the vehicle in front and the vehicle behind, then it will move the traffic in double the way. We call this process bilateral control.

Talking about traffic jams, Berthold Horn, co-author of the study at MIT, said that this will be possible only if you have a control system. That means you have to walk the distance. On the other hand, if the entire traffic is to be moved correctly, then every vehicle will have to follow it and move in a perfect manner.

New technology is being given in vehicles

But here once again the question arises that man cannot calculate both the distances simultaneously while driving. At the same time, only you cannot follow it and go out on the road. To make it easy, we all have to follow this rule, then only we will be able to avoid traffic jams. It tells that, what should be the distance between your front and rear vehicle. That is, if this technology will be in the vehicle behind and in front of you, then only you will be able to get the benefit of it.

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