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Second Hand Car Buying Guide: If you want to buy a used car, keep these things in mind, you will not regret it!

Keep these things in mind while buying a used car.

Old Car Buying Tips: Buying an old car is not a new thing, but a common trend. However, buying a used car is a tiring experience for people. But while buying a used car, the things mentioned here will definitely work for you.

Buying a used car is common in a country like India. Anyway the new car for many people (New CarBuying a used car proves to be more beneficial than buying. But the old car (Old CarBuying is as economical as it is mind-boggling. When buying a new car, there is not much worry about the performance or safety of the car. But when it comes to buying a used car, we have to take care of many things. second hand car (Second Hand Car) Buying becomes a scary experience for some people. That’s why we are telling you those things, which will help you in choosing the right second hand car.

where to buy

If you are thinking of buying a second hand car, then the service providers of used cars can also help you. Apart from these, you can also buy a used car from a private car owner or dealership. You can also take help of pre-outlets of car manufacturers. While making any deal, keep your budget in mind. Don’t fall for the sweet talk of a seller. During this, if you feel uncomfortable with any seller, then immediately look at the other option.

choose the right car

Choose a car with your preferred features and specifications. Apart from this, keep thinking in advance what kind of car to buy. Try to buy the new model only. Anyway, after three years of a new car, its price becomes stable. Don’t forget to buy the cars that have gone out of fashion.

car condition

The car should not have any major defects. Apart from this, the brakes, emission, lighting, engine cooling, steering and suspension of the car should also be in good condition. Car interior, car body, underbody and wheels should also be thoroughly checked. In this way, you will also be saved from unnecessary maintenance expenses. You can also take the help of a mechanic to check all these things.

take a test drive

If everything seems fine, then do take a test drive of the car once. Drive the car at different speeds for about 20 minutes. With the help of this, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the exact condition and shape of the car and if there is any deficiency in the car, then it will also be known. If possible, make sure to bargain while buying a car.


Check all the necessary papers of the car like original invoice, receipt etc. Also check the registration certificate ie RC of the car. This shows how many times the car has been bought or sold. Do not forget to match the chassis and engine number of the car with the details of the registration certificate. Also make sure that the current owner of the car has paid all taxes.

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ownership transfer

After liking the car, if you are ready to buy it, then transfer the ownership of the car in your name. For this, the buyer and seller of the car will have to submit the form number 29 and 30 in the RTO. After this, make sure that all the necessary documents of the car like RC book, Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC), insurance paper etc. are transferred in the name of the new owner.

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