Kolkata Durga Puja: Combat battalion and striking force commandos deployed to deal with terrorist attack, security tightened

Kolkata Durga Puja: आतंकी हमले से निपटने के लिए लड़ाकू बटालियन और स्ट्राइकिंग बल के कमांडो की हुई तैनाती, सुरक्षा हुई कड़ी

Photo: Tight security arrangements have been made during Durga Puja in Kolkata.

Kolkata Police (Kolkata Policeany terrorist attack during the Durga Puja festival that began on Monday (Terrorist Attacksecurity including deployment of its special forces commandos to thwart (Security) made extensive arrangements. A senior official said all precautionary measures have been taken in view of the threat of divisive and terrorist organizations disturbing peace and harmony during the festival. Kolkata Police has decided to deploy its combat battalion and special strike force commandos and 31 rapid patrols at 38 points in the city.

Kolkata Police Commissioner Somen Mitra said that this time Kolkata Police has given permission to 2701 Puja organizers in the city. Out of these, policemen will be deployed for security in 2500 puja pandals. Two policemen will be posted outside the pavilion in small worship pandals. Apart from this, about 15 thousand policemen will be deployed for security and traffic control.

CCTV and 48 watch towers will be monitored at 75 points

Apart from police and traffic CCTVs, CCTVs have been installed at additional 75 points. Police surveillance will continue from 48 watch towers across the city. Apart from this, 26 PCR vans and 31 city patrol vans will be deployed. There will be mobile police vans at seven places to help. Police pickets will be installed at 26 metro stations. There will also be a police picket at every bus stand. Apart from this, in addition to Howrah, Kolkata, Sealdah stations in plain uniform, every shopping mall and market will be under special surveillance by the police. There will be a reserve force in each division, 16 Deputy Commissioners of Police will be in charge of 44 police stations. Apart from this, there will be an assistant commissioner in charge of each of the 22 police stations. Special monitoring of traffic will be done from 38 points. Policemen will be deployed in three shifts. The maximum number of police personnel have been deployed from 3:00 PM to 12:00 PM.

Three-tier security arrangements during Durga Puja festival

“There will be a three-tier security arrangement in and around the city during this year’s Durga Puja festival,” the IPS officer said. In three divisions in the south and south-west parts of the city, we will have at least 18 patrol teams and the remaining groups will be stationed in north and central Kolkata. At least 13 rapid response teams have also been deployed.” The West Bengal government has put the police on ‘alert’ in view of the Durga Puja festival in the state, citing terrorist threats.

Security beefed up at metro stations, markets, shopping malls, popular monuments

At least 13 special ‘Heavy Radio Flying Squads’ (HRFS) have been deployed at major intersections, he said. Security has been beefed up at metro stations, markets, shopping malls, popular monuments and important government offices. All community worship committees have been asked to deploy sufficient number of volunteers in the pandals so that the movement of suspicious persons can be monitored and the police can be informed in time in case of any emergency. It is also mandatory to install CCTV cameras and ‘watchtowers’ in large Durga Puja pandals.

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