Immediate ban on the use and storage of firecrackers in Delhi, all licenses cancelled, know how long this ban will remain in force

दिल्ली में पटाखों के इस्तेमाल-भंडारण पर तत्काल रोक, सभी लाइसेंस रद्द, जानिए कब तक लागू रहेगी यह पाबंदी

The decision taken on the possible danger of increasing pollution (symbolic picture)

In order to save the country’s capital from pollution, the Licensing Branch of Delhi Police has issued an order to completely ban the storage, use, purchase and sale of any kind of firecrackers in Delhi. According to the order, this step has been taken in the context of the guidelines issued recently by the Supreme Court of India and the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

On Wednesday, all these facts were also confirmed by Dr. Gurikbal Singh Sidhu, DCP of Delhi Police Licensing Branch. In this order issued by Delhi Police, the order of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has also been mentioned, which was issued on 28 September 2021. The DPCC had clearly written in that order that a complete ban on the use of all types of firecrackers would be compulsorily continued in the capital region till January 1, 2022.

So these strict steps were taken

After these restrictions implemented by the Licensing Branch of Delhi Police and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, there has been a ban on the sale and storage of firecrackers in the capital till the fixed/determined date. All these arrangements have been made in view of the possible level / danger of increasing pollution in the coming days in the capital. At the same time, in dealing with the possible threat of change after COVID-19 and again COVID-19, this restriction is being considered by the government machinery as very useful.

In order to ensure strict compliance of the order of DPCC, the Delhi Police Licensing Branch has also confirmed the cancellation of the licenses issued earlier to all the firecracker traders registered with it in the capital. At the same time, Delhi Police has said that in the coming times, it will not allow anyone to store any kind of firecrackers. Even after this, if anyone is found collecting firecrackers in godowns or anywhere else, then strict legal steps will be taken against him.

All this will come under the order

According to the order issued by the Licensing Branch of Delhi Police, “Firecracker license holder, temporarily or permanently storing or buying firecrackers. Irrespective of these, if he is found to have disobeyed this order within the period up to January 1, 2022, then similar legal action will be taken against him. All the firecracker licensees in Delhi have also been informed about this.”

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