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Electric bike vs Petrol bike: What is the difference between the two and who should buy

Electric Bike Vs Petrol Bike: What is the difference between Electric Bike and Petrol Bike.

Electric bike vs petrol bike: If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle and are getting confused between electric bike and petrol bike, then today we are going to tell you the difference between the two, after which it will be easy for you to take a decision.

Electric bike vs petrol bike: The two wheeler segment has seen a rapid change in the last few years. Not only this, now bikes and scooters are coming with good driving range on battery, towards which people are getting attracted due to good saving and non-pollution. But those who plan to buy these bikes and scooters, many times the question comes in their mind that which bike should be taken electric or petrol version. Today we are going to tell which of the two bikes should be taken.

electric bike vs petrol bike : Price

The biggest difference between an electric bike and a petrol bike is the price. Actually, the price of electric bike is higher than petrol bike. Actually lithium ion battery is used in electric bike, due to which its price increases. Let us tell you that the subsidy of the central and state government is also available on electric bikes. In such a situation, electric bikes can be cheaper by about 40 percent. At the same time, the price of petrol bike starts from Rs. 70 thousand.

electric bike vs petrol bike : Mileage & Range

Electric bikes get the total range in a single charge, after which the battery needs to be charged, while petrol bikes get mileage on 1 liter. Keep in mind that you should have a complete system of charging, otherwise the users may have to face a lot of trouble.

Electric bike vs petrol bike: Keep in mind the charging point

For petrol bikes, petrol pumps are present everywhere, where users can fill petrol in their bikes, while for electric bikes also you have to keep in mind that wherever you go, there is a port for charging or all the time. There is power so that it can be charged even when you are low.

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Electric bike vs Petrol bike : Downside

The downside of the petrol variant is that it creates air pollution when run. On the other hand, the negative of the electric bike is that when the battery is old, its driving range will also be less.

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