Animal Husbandry Scheme: National Kamdhenu Breeding Center opened in Hoshangabad, know what will be the benefit

Animal Husbandry Scheme: होशंगाबाद में खुला नेशनल कामधेनु ब्रीडिंग सेंटर, जानिए क्या होगा फायदा

Three-day residential training program will be organized for free to advance the dairy sector, Rs 2500 and rent will also be available.

Important news for livestock owners. (signal picture).

National Kamdhenu Breeding Center has been established at Kiratpur (Itarsi) in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. The center aims at conservation and promotion of Indian bovine breeds, increasing production and productivity, upgradation of genetic quality, certified germplasm donation and saving indigenous breeds from extinction.

Approval has been given to establish two National Kamdhenu Breeding Centers (NKBC) in the country. NKBC is being established in Kiratpur in Madhya Pradesh in North India and Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh in South India. In the first phase, 13 breeds of cows – Sahiwal, Gir, Kankrej, Red Sindhi, Rathi, Tharparkar, Malvi, Nimadi, Kenkatha, Khilari, Haryana, Gangatiri and Gavlav and four breeds of buffalo – Nili Rabi, Jafrabadi, Bhadavari and Murra were maintained. are to be known.

Work will be done with the help of Rs 25 crore

Haryana, Rathi, Kankrej, Nimari, along with 195 of Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Nimari, Malvi, Kankrej, Red Sindhi, Rathi and Khilari breeds of cows and 107 of Murra, Nili Rabi, Bhadavari and Jafrabadi breeds of buffalo at Kiratpur center. Nine bulls of Malvi, Kenkatha and Jafrabadi breeds are available. The breeding center is being set up in an area of ​​270 acres with the help of Rs 25 crore from the central government.

Three days training organized for animal husbandry

A free three-day residential training program will be started by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying for the beneficiaries of Scheduled Castes in the State Animal Husbandry Training Institute, Bhopal in October. This training will be given in cow-buffalo, goat, poultry and pig farming. Free accommodation and food will be arranged by the institute to the beneficiaries. Apart from this, an amount of 2500 rupees will be given to the beneficiaries in lieu of loss of remuneration for three days.

To and fro fare

The actual fare of second class rail and bus to and from Bhopal of the beneficiaries coming for training will be available after verification of tickets. Along with this, Rs 200 will also be given for commuting from Bhopal station or bus stand to the training institute.

Women and men, scheduled caste beneficiaries desirous of training can enroll their names by contacting the nearest veterinary dispensary, veterinary hospital, artificial insemination center or deputy director’s office in their district. The information about attending the training program will be given to the beneficiary by the Deputy Director of the concerned district.

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